Set the goal and build image and brand

Hangzhou Yuhang Jincheng Foreign Language School was founded in 2008, covering an area of 32 mu, with its building area of 16000 square meters. Equipped with advanced facilities and embracing beautiful environment, it has 32 classes, 960 students and 120 faculty members, of which there are 2 senior secondary teachers, 21 senior primary teachers and more than 20 promising young teachers and excellent teachers in Zhejiang and Hangzhou. In recent years, our school have been sticking to low-burden and high-quality education with no writing homework, bilingual education and small-size class teaching, deepening curriculum revolution and building "Jincheng Curriculum", enforcing personality development, creating quality accommodation and cultivating students' self-care ability, and enhancing international understanding education and opening students' eyes to the world. Our innovation and rapid development has got high recognition from all walks of life. Core Value: sincerity, harmony, happiness and wisdom Our prospect: golden childhood to fulfill dreams Our goals: information, internationalization, individuation, and adaptation Our image: Teachers' image: aggressive, effective, creative, continuous and honest Students' image: normative, diligent, enthusiastic, confident and global Parents' image: harmonious, concerned, participant, tolerant and concerned about Jincheng

Themed practice-oriented moral education activities

Thematic and curricular moral activities is the feature of our moral education. Last semester, our school carried out a series of moral education activities closely surrounding the topic of "G20". The activities includes "Protecting the environment to welcome G20"Tree planting activities, "Worshiping and learning from the heroes and being the hosts for G20" Tomb-sweeping activities, "Looking for the most beautiful scenery in Hangzhou to welcome G20" spring-outing activities and "Celebrating the Children's Day to welcome G20" activities. In these various activities, students have successfully broadened their views and promoted their strengths. In the summer vacation, teachers gave up their rest time and participated in different volunteer activities in inspection stations, bus stations and communities, to welcome G20 with their actions.

Curriculum reform Training basic and development

As a pilot unit of curriculum reform in Hangzhou, the directions of our school curriculum are: doing a good job of integration and research in basic compulsory courses and putting into good effect on development of elective courses. Last semester, our school associated with more than 10 well-known primary schools such as Chongwen, Yongxing, Shengli, Jingzhou etc to carry out the study of basic courses. By making good use of Hangzhou Youth Activity and high quality training institutions, we enriched the content of development courses in sports and arts. And we also took advantage of social resources like museums and labor practice base to exploit the practice class development. In order to improve evaluation method of "4321", our school tried to invited parent volunteers to help us collaborative development curriculum evaluation. Up to now, the new ideas and methods of our school had been approved by the provincial experts in the curriculum reform.

Teacher training There are ways to produce results

During this semester, our school teacher training department made careful design and arrangement on training design, experts invitation and etc aspects. It had made teacher training reflecting a strong professional and pertinence. Our school invited more than 10 experts to make lecture report and guidance such as Liu Li, Zhang Feng, Teng Chunyou, Cao Baolong, Ping Guoqiang, Liu Ronghua, Fang Limin, Yu Guodi. During the summer holiday, all the teachers fininshed "Sanxian Sanjing" and stapled the teaching design together into a book. In order to improve teachers quality, we held "one to one" mentoring and "Jin Cheng beautiful teachers" contest and other activities.

Home-school cooperation Improve communication

Our school attaches great importance to the Home-school cooperation. We set up "dskb-dhz", because It is convenient for parents to know the school activities. We often issue some campus news on it. We regularly hold "Relationship between parents and school", we also invite Zheng guo qiang, the director of Hangzhou family education association and other experts to give some lecture for us. We will carry out some other activities. For instance, the parents' meeting of "several – for – one", the selection of "Good patents", voluntary service and so on. In the final expanding curriculum evaluation, we invite parents as the member of evaluation team. Through the way of "Live demonstration", "Questionnaire", "Individual interview", we can comprehensive understand the practice of school curriculum reform work and results. The way of the sincere communication will make parent-school relationship more harmonious.

International communication go foreign countries and invite foreigners

In order to build a bridge to the world for students, the school organized eight batches of more than one hundred teachers and students to study in the United States, Britain, Europe, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries. During the activity, students visited Singapore and Denmark Hans Christian Andersen's former residence, explored NASA space camp. The students experienced the bot scouts in Canada, they also taken part in the directional cross- country in Britain, and learned do the Kimchi and Sushi in Korean and Japan…. The Abundant practice and unique different region amorous feeling make the students get fruitful results when they came back. In Mid-July, the school also held the summer camp of "Journey of roots" of the 5th Zhejiang overseas Chinese teenagers, we received the teenagers from Belgium, Spain and other five countries. Through abundant curriculum and wonderful activity, let the overseas Chinese teenager infiltrated in the deep traditional culture, so as to inspire their love for motherland. "Based on China, open our eyes to the whole world", It is the essence of international understanding education.